We aim at making IT as simple, suitable and secure as possible.

To this end, we propose our expertise in the fields of security, networks and information systems and provide complementary solutions that we have selected.

The protection of your information system is an essential stake for the durability of your company. Attacks are becoming more and more complex and frequent.

Appropriate security allows you to reduce your risks, but also to have confidence in your IT tools, which brings serenity to the efficiency of your organization.

Mobility, the hybrid cloud and the automation of the information system are new challenges for IT security management, and KYOS can help your company to meet these challenges with confidence.

Security is in the DNA of KYOS.

Our 20 years of experience in this field give us a broad view of the different options available to us, so that we can offer you a response that is tailored to your needs.

Our culture

We are driven by a spirit based on trust, mutual help, transparency and share a passion for technology. This means that everyone at Kyos is responsible and thus able to decide what is best for our customers.

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