Ransomware resistance

Better resist ransomware attacks.

Saporo helps organizations slow down and limit the spread of ransomware attacks.

Saporo analyzes Microsoft Active Directory weaknesses with specific models and controls to help you better resist both wormlike and human-operated ransomware attacks.

Basic Microsoft Active Directory access and configuration hygiene are critical to mitigate ransomware attacks.

Ensure your critical assets and identity access network are properly segmented limit the reach and spread of ransomware attacks.

Human-led ransomware attacks

Better resist against human-led ransomware attacks.

This type of ransomware is a more challenging threat than previous well-known ransomware attacks which relied on wormlike functionality to spread ransomware.

This model is customized to take into account the specificity of human led ransomware attacks which are highly dependent on GPO, OU and Computer assets for example.
Bot-led ransomware attacks

Better resist against bot-led ransomware attacks.

Saporo calculates the blast radius of a ransomware being released inside the enterprise network and how wide a worm-like attack would propagate.

Identifying the super spreader inside of the blast radius allows Saporo to help you contain propagation to smaller groups and reduce the potential impact.

"Saporo is an indispensable defense tool for all organizations that want to be one step ahead in controlling risks within their increasingly complex infrastructures."

Christophe Bouillard
CISO at Bank Mirabaud & Cie

"Saporo addresses strategic priorities in a super-fast, simple and cost effective way. Saporo anticipates weaknesses and minimize the business impact of attacks."

Ludovic Chouet
CISO at Centre Hospitalier Dôle

"Saporo is an indispensable solution to prevent and fight against cyberattacks. Saporo gives us visibility into attack paths and issues like no other tools."

Jean-Baptiste Gard
CISO at ST-Quentin Hospital
"Saporo provides immediate and actionable information to focus on what matters most in a chaotic environment."
Christopher Morales
CISO at Netenrich
Winner of the 2024 Jury's Favorite Award
Winner of the 2022 Best Cyber Security Start-Up Award