Better resist identity
driven cyberattacks

Identity is the top attack surface, with 90% of attacks exploiting Active Directory or identity weaknesses. On-premises infrastructure combined with cloud environments only increases the complexity and risks.

Saporo helps you anticipate how attackers can exploit identity weaknesses to reach critical assets. Uncover all identity attack paths and prioritize actions to eliminate the most impactful risks with minimal changes.



Identity is the top attack surface

80% of cyberattacks leveraged identity-based techniques to compromise credentials

85% of breaches will be hindered by protecting identities reducing their financial impact by 80%

77% of organizations admit they would likely suffer catastrophic impact in a Microsoft Active Directory breach

50% of surveyed organizations fell victim to a ransomware attack in 2022 and almost half were targeted twice or more


Tackling the problem head-on

Uncover all identity attack paths

AD, the primary identity system for 90% of organizations worldwide, lacks visibility and privilege auditing capabilities, while its constant evolution contributes to the number of new attack paths increasing every day.

The combination of on-premises and cloud infrastructure only adds to that risk by increasing complexity of attack surfaces.

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Without a solution like Saporo, you will not be able to understand the actual risk your directory systems pose to your environments. Saporo gives an attacker view of your environment by uncovering all internal identity attack paths.

With this kind of clear overview, you can reduce your attack surface and increase your resistance to cyberattacks.

Focus on what matters most

Security and IT teams are overwhelmed with countless alerts they receive on a daily basis. In addition to that, the lack of context and visibility makes it almost impossible to prioritize the ones that actually increase resistance and reduce risk.

By using graph theory, AI and great scalability, Saporo can automatically prioritize chokepoints*, controls and logs on your identity systems based on their business and security impact, all within the context of your specific environment.  Allocate your time and resources where it really matters and eliminate the biggest risks with minimal changes.

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*Chokepoints = optimal locations to block the largest number of attack paths

Better resist ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise globally, causing enormous financial and reputational damages. In addition to the established machine-led ransomware attacks, human-led ransomware poses a significant threat as cyber criminals gain access to internal corporate networks and deploy ransomware to encrypt data.

To tackle these threats effectively, it’s essential to practice credential hygiene and stop unnecessary communication to critical resources. Our ransomware model finds the most critical locations to eliminate, limit or stop the damage of ransomware attacks.

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Removing the ability of attackers to move laterally from low value assets to high value targets would lower the impact of human-operated ransomware attacks and make the organization more resistant against all kinds of cyberattacks.

Real-Time Logging

When addressing an ongoing incident or proactively preparing for one, it is important to monitor the activity within AD, Azure, AWS, and other identity directories. It’s even better when this monitoring can be contextualized within your specific environment.

Saporo provides you with logs, which collect and tag events requiring specific attention, and correlates them with the number of identity attack paths to critical assets. With logs, you get context for alerts from other systems, which helps prioritize what to investigate first.

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Additionally, logs can help you understand why your resistance score changed so you can take immediate action to protect important assets.

Secure by design

Users often do not know the full impact of the changes they make. Either they do not have time to assess it, or they don’t have the expertise to.

However, understanding the ramifications of changes before pushing them into production is essential for building a secure infrastructure.  

Our solution allows for proactive consideration of security before making changes to systems. Anticipating identity attack paths and misconfigurations in this way reduces the attack surface and the need for reactive measures.

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By implementing security-by-design principles, you can proactively address potential issues to avoid reacting to a large volume of problems later on. With Saporo, you can rest assured that you have established a strong foundation for your cybersecurity strategy.

"Saporo is an indispensable defense tool for all organizations that want to be one step ahead in controlling risks within their increasingly complex infrastructures."

Christophe Bouillard
CISO at Bank Mirabaud & Cie

"Saporo addresses strategic cybersecurity priorities in a super-fast, simple, cost effective and understandable way. Our main interest is that Saporo anticipates weaknesses and minimize the business consequences of attacks."

Ludovic Chouet
CISO at Centre Hospitalier Dôle

"Saporo is an indispensable solution to prevent and fight against cyber-attacks. Their unique solution allowed us to address the security issues related to our Active Directory. Saporo gave us visibility into identity attack paths and issues like no other tools we've seen or tested."

Jean-Baptiste Gard
CISO at ST-Quentin Hospital

"Saporo provides immediate and actionable information to focus on what matters most in a chaotic environment."

Christopher Morales
CISO at Netenrich

Why US

What makes us different

Saporo leverages the latest advancements in graph theory, graph databases, AI,
and more to deliver exceptional scale, coverage, and accuracy.


Unprecedented visibility and scale

We use in-memory graph database to ensure full visibility and uncover all identity attack paths, no matter if they contain vulnerabilities or not.


Focus on what
matters the most

Prioritize critical issues in your environment based on their business and security impact, easing the workload of security and IT teams.


No more
irrelevant results

We won't show you findings that are irrelevant. Our results are deterministic and correlated to your specific environment.


Wide and
deep coverage

Wide and deep analysis across multiple data sources, including Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Okta.

Secure your business. Start with the basics

Build a reliable security strategy on solid fundamentals. Attackers need to find only one path to your critical assets. Defenders like you need to find all of them. Doing this in large and dynamic environments is impossible using manual methods. Saporo uses graph theory to automate this process, protect your critical assets and uncover your blind spots.