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Saporo prioritizes the shortest attack paths to critical assets presenting the highest risk, and prescribes changes to reduce the attack surface. Our proprietary engine does this by ingesting configuration and user access data and then applies machine learning and graph technologies.
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What is an assessment?
An assessment is a service performed by Saporo using the Saporo technology. It usually takes up to two weeks between the first meeting and the delivery of the final report.
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What is a user account?
We count the number of user account present in your system to determine the pricing of your subscription.
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What does premium support include?
Premium support includes access to our support portal with SLAs around response time and time to resolution.
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What does enterprise support include?
Enterprise support includes everything in premium support plus a dedicated resource to your account.

Time is of the essence.

It is a race of time between the attacker and the defender. Winning the race against attackers requires ordering the seemingly chaotic connections between users, assets and resources to expose and prioritize paths that attackers will most likely exploit.