Protect your critical assets, uncover your blind spots

Saporo helps you understand your environment from the perspective of an attacker. Identify and address identity attack paths, misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities by continuously mapping assets, discovering risks, and prioritizing remediation efforts for IT and security teams.
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ORder in chaos

Simple to install, simple to use.

Saporo is built to be fast and scalable. Results are available in as little as one hour. Our solution is agentless and only requires read access. We understand that some industries and companies have different constraints or preferences. Saporo can be fully installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Know where you start and track your progress

Saporo’s resistance score is a clear and simple way to demonstrate your progress to business owners. The higher the score, the more difficult and time consuming it will be for attackers to progress through an environment.

Saporo's resistance score is normalized which ensures that you can easily compare your organization with other organizations in the same industry, segment or group. Track issues and quickly discover what is critical in the context of your environment.

Assess your current risk level and establish your risk threshold in a different way. Saporo's analysis surpasses the conventional approach of providing a simple list of security issues. Instead, it emphasizes the risks that would have the biggest impact on your specific environment, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding security measures.

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See your environment like an attacker

By uncovering hidden attack paths across your hybrid environment, Saporo reduces your risk of exposure. Saporo finds all the chokepoints or optimal locations to block the largest number of identity attack paths, to help you identify what is most critical and allocate resources efficiently.

Eradicate millions of paths with minimal effort by focusing on key changes and specific types of attacks, like ransomware. Saporo will find, score and present to you only what matters most to your organization.

Proactively managing and securing identity attack paths improves your cybersecurity posture and reduces the impact of successful attacks. Our customers report up to a 70% reduction in attack surface in just one year.

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Context is everything!

Discover how misconfigurations and vulnerabilities impact your security posture. Saporo adds context so you can focus on what is most critical.

As opposed to other solutions on the market, each control issue is prioritized in the context of what can be accessed by an attacker. This helps organizations define a roadmap of what to work on in order of importance.

You can save money by doing more with less. Existing tools give you thousands of unprioritized vulnerabilities not relevant to your organization. We help you focus on the most impactul issues to you can maximize your resources and time.

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Logs with context

When addressing an ongoing incident or proactively preparing for one, it is important to monitor the activity within AD, Azure, AWS, and other identity directories. It’s even better when this monitoring can be contextualized within your specific environment.

Saporo provides you with logs, which collect and tag events requiring specific attention, and correlates them with the number of identity attack paths to critical assets. With logs, you get context for alerts from other systems, which helps prioritize what to investigate first.

Finally, logs can help you understand why your resistance score changed so you can take immediate action to protect important assets.

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Secure by design

Users often do not know the full impact of the changes they make. Either they do not have time to assess it, or they don’t have the expertise to.

However, understanding the ramifications of changes before pushing them into production is essential for building a secure infrastructure.  

Our solution allows for proactive consideration of security before making changes to systems. Anticipating identity attack paths and misconfigurations in this way reduces the attack surface and the need for reactive measures.

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By implementing security-by-design principles, you can proactively address potential issues to avoid reacting to a large volume of problems later on. With Saporo, you can rest assured that you have established a strong foundation for your cybersecurity strategy.

Supported data sources

ORder in chaos

Attackers love complexity. Defenders need clarity.

Attackers need to find only one attack path, defenders need to find all of them.
Identifying all potential attack paths in large and dynamic environments is impossible using manual methods.


Modelize attacker behaviors

User access to resources is evaluated against adversarial use case scenarios to provide a deterministic model of attack paths.


Scores based on impact

Saporo leverages graph theory to prioritize the most egregious attack paths so you can prioritize your resources, time and risk.


Actionable recommendations

Saporo recommends changes to improve the resilience of your organization and close attack paths by level of risk and exposure.


They trust us

"Saporo is an indispensable defense tool for all organizations that want to be one step ahead in controlling risks within their increasingly complex infrastructures."

Christophe Bouillard
CISO at Bank Mirabaud & Cie

"Saporo addresses strategic cybersecurity priorities in a super-fast, simple, cost effective and understandable way. Our main interest is that Saporo anticipates weaknesses and minimize the business consequences of attacks."

Ludovic Chouet
CISO at Centre Hospitalier Dôle

"Saporo is an indispensable solution to prevent and fight against cyber-attacks. Their unique solution allowed us to address the security issues related to our Active Directory. Saporo gave us visibility into identity attack paths and issues like no other tools we've seen or tested."

Jean-Baptiste Gard
CISO at ST-Quentin Hospital

"Saporo provides immediate and actionable information to focus on what matters most in a chaotic environment."

Christopher Morales
CISO at Netenrich

Innovation is key to better resist attacks

Build a reliable security strategy on solid fundamentals. Attackers need to find only one path to your critical assets. Defenders like you need to find all of them. Doing this in large and dynamic environments is impossible using manual methods. Saporo uses graph theory to automate this process, protect your critical assets and uncover your blind spots.