Contextual Cyber Resistance

Saporo uses machine learning and graph theory to automatically score and compare millions of attack paths based on business impact.

Continuously map your attack surface and get the recommendations you need to make your organization more resistant to attacks.
Screenshot of Saporo's Interface
ORder in chaos

Simple to install, simple to use.

Saporo takes minutes to install and our UI is intuitive and easy to use.
We make it easy for you so you can focus on making it harder for attackers.

Know where you start and track your progress

Saporo patent-pending resistance score will give you a clear and simple way of understanding how well your organization can resist attacks. The higher your score, the more difficult and time consuming it will be for attackers to progress through your organization.

Saporo's resistance score is normalized which ensures that you can easily compare your organization with other organizations in the same industry, segment or group.

Screenshot of Saporo's Interface

Focus on what matters most

Prioritizing where to focus efforts first when attack scenarios are almost endless is a complex task. There are often millions of potential attack paths. Most organizations do not know what those paths are or how to prioritize which ones to close first if they can be closed at all.

Saporo will find, score and present to you only what matters most to your organization.

Screenshot of Saporo's Interface

Context is everything!

Saporo checks your configuration against security frameworks like the one developed by ANSSI or MITRE. But, as opposed to all other products on the market, Saporo does it in the context of your environment.

As opposed to other solutions on the market, each compliance issue is prioritized in the context of what can be accessed by an attacker. This helps organizations define a roadmap of what to work on in order of importance.

Screenshot of Saporo's Interface

Detailed view per node

Saporo helps you prioritize what to focus on but that does not mean you can't zoom in and investigate specific nodes yourself.

Wether you want to monitor closely a VIP node (CEO, CFO, etc.) or simply make sure a node that was flagged in another system does have critical attack paths to high value targets, you can do it easily in Saporo. Each node can be zoomed-in to check their configuration, compliance status, attack paths from the node or to the node.

Screenshot of Saporo's Interface

Available and Upcoming Data Sources

ORder in chaos

Attackers love complexity. Defenders need clarity.

Attackers need to find only one attack path, defenders need to find all of them.
Identifying all potential attack paths in large and dynamic environments is impossible using manual methods.


Modelize attacker behaviors

User access to resources is evaluated against adversarial use case scenarios to provide a deterministic model of attack paths.


Scores based on impact

Saporo leverages machine learning to prioritize the most egregious attack paths so you can prioritize your resources, time and risk.


Actionable recommendations

Saporo recommends changes to improve the resilience of your organization and close attack paths by level of risk and exposure.

Time is of the essence.

It is a race of time between the attacker and the defender. Winning the race against attackers requires ordering the seemingly chaotic connections between users, assets and resources to expose and prioritize paths that attackers will most likely exploit.