Proactive approach to cyber security and protection

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Unique in the marketplace, our solution provides OSINT cyber threat intelligence and expert analyst support, with a professional services consultancy wrap, ensuring all your security needs are addressed at operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

The growing scale and sophistication of cyber security breaches continue to rise. The immediate consequences of an attack for your customers are significant, yet the ramifications for an organisation is much wider as criminals may target intellectual property, such as product designs and sales databases. Also, businesses will face regulatory consequences, financial penalties and reputational damage.

As the scale and nature of security threats evolve, taking a reactive approach to cyber security is unsustainable. Our extensive expertise across risk management, IT security and governance enable us to help organisations to ensure that the correct security processes and procedures are in place to protect themselves. We work with organisations to develop a robust framework which drives the policies and processes taking a risk-based approach enabling you to anticipate and plan for changes and developments ahead.

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