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Excellium Services Group is a cyber-security consulting and technology Integration Company established since 2012 in Luxemburg and Belgium, with activities and in France and Africa. The Group employs about 160 people acting exclusively in the information security domain.

Excellium’s experience and expertise help customers take the right decisions in developing, implementing and managing their security. Our capabilities are divided into several teams to have a complete coverage of the security posture, from the governance to the implementation and the operational, without forgetting the controls.

Here are the key points why our customers choose Excellium Services Group as a partner:

  • Our ability to meet the challenges of cyber security and to improve the security posture of our customers through the emulation and constant interaction of all our services ranging from governance to training, Infrastructure for audit and penetration tests and CERT and C-SOC activities.
  • Our managed services and CSIRT activities which have demonstrated Excellium Services Group ability to detect and react against sophisticated attacks.
  • Our ability to deliver services with a high level of expertise in the technologies and techniques of computer security through constant training of our teams.
  • Our innovations in a cycle of continuous improvement through our research and development.
  • Our partnerships with market leaders in IT security and infrastructure hosting.
  • Numerous references with major players in the industry and the banking sector.

Today, Excellium Services Group is by far the leading SOC provider on the Luxembourg market with more than 45 active references. Beyond the SOC Services, Excellium has already gained the trust of more than 180 clients across its portfolio of activities.

In October 2022, Thales (Euronext Paris: HO), a global leader in advanced technologies and cybersecurity, has completed the acquisition of two European cybersecurity companies, Excellium (in Belgium and Luxembourg) and S21sec (in Spain and Portugal).

This partnership provides Excellium Services Group an access to additional capacities in threat intelligence and incident response creating the top 5 European cybersecurity pure player by revenues and personnel.

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