Demonstrate Progress

Saporo resistance score will give you a clear and simple way to communicate and show how well your organization can resist attacks and progresses.

The higher your score, the more difficult and time consuming it will be for attackers to progress through your organization.
Screenshot for Saporo's App Showing Resistance Score Widget
Track Progress

A simple normalized score to track progress

Use your score to track progress and compare it with other organizations within the same group or industry.


Know how well you
can resist to attacks

Saporo's resistance score will give you and your management a simple metric to rate your organization resistance to attacks. See and communicate your progress with an easy to understand metric.


Track and demonstrate
your progress over time

Once you have your first score calculated, Saporo makes it easy and engaging to track your progress as you resolve the most critical configurations issues. Saporo prioritizes what matters most.


Benchmark your score
with others

Since Saporo's score is normalized, you can compare your score with branches, peers or organizations in the same industry. We will host regular events so everyone can share best practices.

Time is of the essence.

It is a race of time between the attacker and the defender. Winning the race against attackers requires ordering the seemingly chaotic connections between users, assets and resources to expose and prioritize paths that attackers will most likely exploit.