Saporo helps organization slow down and limit the spread of ransomware attacks with specific models to anticipate both wormlike and human-operated attacks.

Saporo helps you eliminate the central key to their success to slow them down or make the attack so complex, it simply doesn't work anymore.

Screenshot from Saporo's app showing chokepoint for Ransomware
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Improve your resistance against Ransomware

The top recommendations for mitigating ransomware and other human-operated campaigns are to practice credential hygiene and stop unnecessary communication to critical resources. Saporo helps you improve your resistance to human and bot led ransomware alike.

human led

Resist against human
led ransomware better

This type of ransomware is a more challenging threat than previous well-known ransomware attacks which relied on wormlike functionality to spread ransomware.

This model is customized to take into account the specificity of human led ransomware attacks which are highly dependent on GPO, OU and Computers assets for example.

bot led

Resist against bot
led ransomware better

Saporo calculates the blast radius of a ransomware being released inside the enterprise network and how wide a worm-like attack would propagate.

Identifying the super spreader inside of the blast radius allows Saporo to help you contain propagation to smaller groups and reduce the potential impact. 

Time is of the essence.

It is a race of time between the attacker and the defender. Winning the race against attackers requires ordering the seemingly chaotic connections between users, assets and resources to expose and prioritize paths that attackers will most likely exploit.