Contextual Compliance

Saporo's approach on compliance is unique. We couple qualitative and quantitative measurements to prioritize issues based on context and business impact.

Saporo provides compliance and configuration checks using ANSSI and MITRE recommendations. Although we try to limit these checks to what matter most, we are adding new checks regularly.
Screenshot from Saporo's app showing compliance checks
focus on what matters

Contextualized and prioritized compliance

Say goodbye to un-prioritized lists with thousands of lines and focus on what matters most. Saporo prioritizes issues based on their practical impact in your environment.

context is everything

Focus on what
matters most to you

Saporo correlates compliance issue with their potential impact in your environment. Using an attacker mindset and the possible attack paths to or from these nodes, you can focus on issues that have the most impact to your organization.


Know what needs
to be addressed first

Saporo ranks what needs to be fixed by the number of high value target accessible via these "weak nodes" and not by the number of nodes presenting an issue or by the qualitative evaluation of an issue.


Get recommendations
of how to fix issues

Saporo gives you simple and easy to implement recommendations to address the compliance issues found in your environment. With each issue solved, you improve your resistance score and make it more difficult for attackers.

Innovation is key to better resists attacks

Attackers need to find only one path to your critical assets. Defenders like you need to find all of them. Doing this in large and dynamic environments is impossible using manual methods. Saporo uses graph theory to automate this process, protect your critical assets and uncover your blind spots.