Fix what matters most

Saporo assumes attackers are already there and asks, "How long can I resist an adversary's ability to compromise critical resources before I contain them?"

Using graph theory, Saporo finds the chain of access whose removal will most disrupt the largest number of paths that can be taken by attackers.
Screenshot from Saporo's app showing chokepoint
stay ahead of attackers

Finding the most critical issues

By securing privileged access, Saporo reduces the attack surface to limit the spread of an attack.

Map it all

Attacker mindset at the
service of defenders

Saporo maps all possible attack paths to find the most impactful ones. Saporo leverages graphs to contextually map all paths attackers can take at scale. Saporo then reduce that data to an easy-to-consume list of chokepoints for remediation.


Gain insight from
different attack models

Saporo can run different simulations to identify and quantify risks. We regularly add new models to help our customers stay ahead of attackers. Some examples of models: general resistance, DCSync and ransomwares.


Implement prioritized
and impactful changes

Saporo will give you the most important changes you need to implement to become more resistant which in turns makes attacks much more difficult and noisy. We keep improving our recommendations to make them more contextualize to each organization.

Innovation is key to better resists attacks

Build a reliable security strategy on solid fundamentals. Attackers need to find only one path to your critical assets. Defenders like you need to find all of them. Doing this in large and dynamic environments is impossible using manual methods. Saporo uses graph theory to automate this process, protect your critical assets and uncover your blind spots.