About Us

Saporo’s mission is to help organizations increase their cyber resistance no matter their size or industry. Thanks to a unique approach and cutting-edge technologies, we aim at making defenders win the race against attackers and put order in chaos.

The problem we saw

Privileged account access represents the keys to the kingdom for threat actors, enabling them to move around a network almost unabated. With it, attackers can explore and extract as much sensitive data as they like. These same privileged accounts then allow the threat actor to encrypt that same stolen data and hold the organization at ransom. Identifying all potential attack paths in large and dynamic environments is impossible using manual methods. Finding, quantifying and prioritizing where to start and what to do requires automation.

How we solved it

Defenders can never hope to get ahead of attackers if attackers have a better understanding of the battlefield - the organizations own network. By leveraging the same techniques used by threat actors to visualize the most critical paths to critical resources, defenders can start to see their environment as attackers do. Once visibility is achieved, it becomes much easier to anticipate attack paths and implement the appropriate countermeasures and controls.

Our core values


We respect one another and our customers in order to build lifelong relationships.


We take responsibility for our actions and mistakes and deliver on our promises.


Everything we do, we do it smart while saving resources for us and our customers.

Founding Team Members

Saporo’s founding team is a perfect mix of entrepreneurs, product and security experts.

Olivier Eyries

Co-Founder & CEO
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Guillaume Eyries

Co-Founder & CPO
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Éric Blavier, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CTO
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Advisory Board Members

Because the needs and challenges of our customers are our first priority, we surround ourselves with passionate people who understand and face the same challenges everyday.

Christophe Bouillard

CISO at Mirabaud & Cie
"Saporo is an indispensable defense tool for all organizations that want to be one step ahead in controlling risks within their increasingly complex infrastructures."
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Christopher Morales

CISO at Netenrich
"Saporo provides immediate and actionable information to focus on what matters most in a chaotic environment."
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Cedric Nabe

Head of Risk Advisory at Deloitte
"Saporo is the missing piece of the puzzle in providing cyber security professionals with the visibility and transparency needed to reduce the attack surface for enterprises."
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Thomas Maillart, Ph.D.

Sr. Lecturer at University of Geneva
Saporo offers a unique solution to simulate, verify and thus manage attack paths. I am thrilled to contribute my scientific knowledge on complex systems and extreme risks to Saporo."
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Philippe Eyries

Board Member and Advisor
"Saporo is a disruptive and innovative solution with continuous and in-depth analysis of all attack paths allowing defenders to win the race against attackers."
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Board Members

Saporo’s Board is led by experienced entrepreneurs and technical experts,
leading Saporo in the right direction for all our stakeholders.

Olivier Eyries

Chairman & Co-Founder
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Guillaume Eyries

Board Member & Co-Founder
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Martin Altforer

Board Member & Investor
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Benjamin Solenthaler

Board Observer & Investor
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Saporo’s Board is led by experienced entrepreneurs and technical experts,
leading Saporo in the right direction for all our stakeholders.


session.vc was founded in 2020 by Martin Altorfer and Philippe Bubb after they had spent almost two decades investing in and building companies together. They are fortunate to have been the first investors in companies like Bexio and On, where they assumed active roles as chairmen for many years. session.vc is backed by their own capital and by that of entrepreneurs and business owners both from tech- and non-tech industries.


Lightbird Ventures

Lightbird is a new Venture Capital firm backing entrepreneurs at one of the most intense period of a company’s life – the early stage (Seed to Series A). We invest in ambitious founding teams that use technology to solve real problems for real people and real businesses. The main industries we focus on are Fintech, Proptech, Cybersecurity & Data Analytics as well as B2B SaaS. While we are able to invest globally, the majority of our investments will be close to home.


Time is of the essence.

It is a race of time between the attacker and the defender. Winning the race against attackers requires ordering the seemingly chaotic connections between users, assets and resources to expose and prioritize paths that attackers will most likely exploit.